What is math?

What is math? Some might say math is just about numbers. These people would be wrong. Math is the science of solving problems. Mathematicians have worked hard to explain how something works and simplifying life. Just yesterday I was faced with finding how wide a blank of wood needed to be at a certain point. Instead of getting on my knees and trying to see the measurements on a tape measure in the dark cabinet I was able to find the width just by creating a linear function.

Math forces people to try different approaches to problems too. I have found in my 22 years of living that there are multiple ways to solve problems. Some ways are easier than others. For instance, 7 times 13 can be solved either by


Or by


x 7



Obviously the second way is easier once learned and allows for less error.

I think the top 5 biggest discoveries in the history of math would be

  1. Kepler’s laws of planetary motions
  2. Calculus
  3. Pythagorean theorem
  4. Fibonacci Sequence
  5. Combinations (in counting)

All of these were ground breaking discoveries. I don’t know much about the history of the last 4, but I learned a little bit about Kepler and his discoveries. I think it is amazing that Kepler was able to figure out the planets motions and have a working formula by only looking at the stars.


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