Doing Math- tessellations!!!

So I created a tessellations. I made it myself with my own hands. This was much hard than expected, i think it was due to my perfection expecting. To make the tessellation I created stencil using a note card. I drew a pattern on the note card and then used a box cutter to create space to draw through my pattern. Well the blade was to thin for my pencil/pen to fit through so i ended up putting my paper and stencil  on a note book creating a soft back. I then preceded to jam my pen on the stencil draw over the pattern over and over. This created an indent on my paper so i was able to then trace the indents with a pencil. I eventually started to ruin my stencil and it fell apart. This is when i had to stop my tessellations. I found that when i tessellate i tessellate hard.

photo 1photo 2 photo


One thought on “Doing Math- tessellations!!!”

  1. Interesting piece!
    clear: just some grammar to edit (caps, etc. Last sentence?)
    coherent: +
    complete, content: talk through your decisions a pit more. What were you going for? Why a parallelogram?
    consolidated: what did you get out of doing this? What would you change for a next time?

    As #mathart, you might think about how to get your tile to interact or connect with adjacent tiles.Like your squiggles meeting at the border, etc.

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